How to look after your nails! 

  • Use cuticle oil twice a day to allow flexibility. Products that are allowed to become brittle will break
  • Repetitive pressure or trauma to the nail can cause breaks, cracks and lifting. Please be careful with them.
  • Open doors/drawers/car boots carefully. Use fingertip pads on light switches or small object, not your nails. 
  • Lifting can occur between extension treatments. Please do not attempt to glue them back down. This can trap bacteria and cause more problems for you as opposed to booking a repair visit.
  • If you can wear gloves when doing house work or using chemicals please do so.This will prolong your treatment.
Your nails are jewels not tools!

Terms and Conditions

  • Redesign pricing are applicable within 4 weeks of your full set treatment.
  • Gel polish on natural nails colour change maintenance pricing are available within 3 weeks of your full price treatment.
  • Massage maintenance pricing are available within 4 weeks of your last full price treatment.
  • Any issues or repairs that happen within 2 days of your treatment will be rectified, by appointment, free of charge. After this time, I can repair at a charge of 10% per Nail of your full set price. Impact or damage to nails would be chargeable. No refunds will be given under any circumstances, a repair will be offered to rectify any dissatisfaction. 
  • Cancellation Policy - Please message me to rearrange your appointment; I will always do my best to find an alternative time for you where space is available. If you cancel, with notification message, 3x times in a row then any future appointments will be automatically cancelled and will require a 50% Non Refundable booking fee for your next appointment. This can be sent to me via PayPal. Details upon request. Any "no show" clients; all future appointments will automatically be cancelled and you will need to secure your next appointment with a 50% non refundable booking fee via PayPal.
  • Minimum age 16 years for insurance purposes on extensions.
  • GDPR - 25th May 2018 - Mobile numbers and emails addresses are used primarily to contact you regarding your appointment. The system used is password protected and not sold to any other company via Nail Retreat, Mortimer. Confirmations are sent automatically to confirm and remind you about your appointment. Should you wish for your details to be removed from the system, please notify in writing and these will be deleted. Photos are taken and displayed on Facebook, Instagram and website gallery - @nailretreatmortimer. 
  • Nail Retreat Mortimer reserves the right to refuse any appointments, of any persons, where there  a conflict of interest.