Swedish Full Body including Stomach, Face and Scalp £45
A gentle and soothing hand massage to smooth out any tension. 
Swedish Full Body Within 4 weeks Maintenance £35

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders £30
A gentle and soothing hand massage focusing on the back area.
Swedish Back Within 4 Weeks Maintenance £20

Hot Stone Massage Full Body £50
Heated volcanic stones gentley applied to the body to deeply penetrate aching muscles. Soothing and disperses tension and provides a relaxing and tranquil feeling. 
Hot Stone Within 4 Weeks Maintenance £40

Casada Powered Massage 15mins £10
This Powered massage is the equivalent to an hour manual massage. Can either be done over clothes or on bare skin with oils, great for sports people or anyone short for time. Feel energised and ready for your next moment. 

*First treatment at full price; as long as you book within 4 weeks of your last treatment you are eligible for maintenance pricing.